cancellation policies

► If all conditions are not met at the time of pick up, your booking will be canceled with fees.
► Charge will appilquent for any cancellation or change of date of pick up.
► If the client does not manifest it self after one hour of the agreed date for picking up the vehicle, the booking would be canceled with fees.
► The cancellation fee is debited automatically from the credit card used during your booking.
CANCELLATION FEES:  according to the expected date of taking of the vehicle
   Low Season:   From September 10th to June 15th     
   7.000 DZD
   High Season:  From 16 June to 09 September           
   9.000 DZD (+72 hours before date)
  12.000 DZD (-72 hours before date)
* The application fee is non-refundable.