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About Safar El Amir

Safar El Amir is a family company founded in 2003 that quickly became the favorite and unmissable car rental company in Algeria.Why? Because we work very hard every day to improve the quality of theThe experience of our clients, who have given us their precious trust, implies a constant challenge at the level of all our departments in order to reinvent our noble profession every day.

Safar El Amir is a premium brand that has been chosen by more than 15,000 customers over the last 20 years.existence and through our 11 agencies in Algeria.Safar El Amir has been repeatedly cited and rewarded by the greatest European tourist guides such as Le petit fûté and Le routard.

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about safar el amir

Agencies Safar El Amir in Algeria

Oran city agency

51 Emîr Khaled Avenue (facing the post office)
From Saturday to Thursday: 08H30 to 17H00

Agence Algiers ville

Centre Commercial City Center, the banishers
From Saturday to Thursday: 08H30 to 17H00


Ahmed Ben Bella Airport
7D/ 7 24H/24


Messali El Hadj Airport
7D / 7 24H/24


Houari Boumedienne Airport
7D / 7 24H/24


Mohamed Boudiaf Airport
7D / 7 24H/24


Mostafa Benboulaid Airport
7D / 7 24H/24


Abane Ramdane Airport
7D / 7 24H/24


Airport 08 May 1945
7D / 7 24H/24


Rabah Bitat Airport
7D / 7 24H/24


Ferhat Abbas Airport
7D / 7 24H/24

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