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General Conditions

  1. Minimum Age
    Each vehicle requires a minimum age for the driver and two years of compulsory license.
  2. Guarantee 
    The amount varies depending on the car model.
  3. Guarantee
    Deposit an Original piece identity + guarantee in cash only.
  4. Fuel
    Your vehicle is supplied with full fuel and must be returned with full, otherwise you will have to pay 3.000 dinars in costs.
  5. Extension
    The client may extend its lease only with the authorization of Safar El Amir and if the car is available. All unauthorized extension is subject to a penalty of 15,000 dinars.
  6. A Disaster
    • Conventional insurance (included) : The client agrees to pay any damage caused on the vehicle whether is guilty or note, the amount of damage is based on a rate schedule given at the delivery or can be estimated by our officers. The duration of immobilisation of the vehicle for repair will be invoiced in addition.The amount claimed cannot exceed the amount of guarantee.
    • Complementary insurance (option):  On the basis of complete filled informations about the opposing party ( copys of : car registration + driver liscence + insurance + photos of the dammaged parts with it immatriculation, the customer is not committed to pay the damage it is fault or not. The fire and theft of the vehicle or its accessories are excluded from additional insurance (including third party is unknown).
    • If the costs (claim, delay, cleaning, extension) are not paid at the time of return, I, the undersigned (surname / first name) in my capacity as client, fully authorize Safar El Amir in its capacity as lessor under this contract to debit these costs from my credit card ending with XXXX at maximum value of the deposit.
  7. Mechanical failure
    If mechanical failure due to the customer's responsibility ex: broken oil pan, lower triangle, etc.. the client supports the troubleshooting and all the repairsthat should be done.
  8. Restitution before deadline
     * If the customer makes the vehicle prior to the expiry of the lease period, it can not in any way claim a refund of the remaining days.
    * If the customer is obliged to return the vehicle after a disaster, the remaining days are non-refundable.
  9. Time of return
    The vehicle must be returned at the time stated on your booking and in the contract.
    Any delay is charged at a price of 1500 dinars / hour.
  10. Places of deliveries
    Delivery of vehicles is done on the car parks at airports or at our branches.
  11. Mileage
    Unlimited mileage is given on all of our range.
  12. Insurance
    Onlythe drivers mentioned in the contract of insurance take advantage. Any loan or lease to others is strictly prohibited. A Disaster occurred with not listed driver on the contract, all damages suffered by the vehicle must be payed by the customer.
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