Car rental Jijel-Ferhat Abbas Airport

Car rental at Ferhat Abbas Jijel Airport

Jijel-Ferhat Abbas International Airport is a category B civilian Algerian airport, located about fifteen kilometers east of the city of Jijel in the Taher commune. It can accommodate both domestic and international flights. It has the capacity to accommodate and process a flow exceeding 400,000 passengers/year.

Established in 2006, the airport bears the name of Ferhat Abbas, being a tribute to this former head of the Algerian state.

Airport services

  • Shops, bars, restaurants, shops, Duty-free, etc.
  • Free Wi-Fi, air conditioning
  • VIP business lounges
  • Children's areas, nursery
  • Car parking capacity, 200 spaces
  • Ticket sales service
  • Prayer room
  • Car parking for people with reduced mobility
  • Medical services and health control at borders

History of Jijel?

Jijel is an Algerian coastal city, located in the northeast of the country and is one of the most important cities in the country. It is renowned for the diversity of its landscape and the splendid beauty of its beaches. On the other hand, the wilaya of Jijel was previously a crossroads of civilizations, which makes us think of the rich history of the city.

First colonized by the Berbers, it became the territory of Phoenician sailors and merchants. Later, called Igilgili and became a Carthaginian counter, it was incorporated into the Numidian kingdom of Marseilles in -264, and into the kingdom of Mauritania in 105 BC, and was then occupied by the Romans and the Byzantines. In 698, the Muslim army changed the name of the city to Jijel. The city is incorporated into the Umayyad Empire and its inhabitants convert to Islam.

What can you visit with a car rental ?

On your way to Jijel, several activities await you and many places are worth visiting. In this context, you can explore:

  • The fabulous caves of Jijel, located in the town of Ziama Mansouriah, and naturally excavated in a strategic area, magnificently overlook the Mediterranean Sea and offer the breathtaking splendor of the cliffs.
  • Taza National Park has been on the heritage list since 2004 as a biosphere nature reserve. It designates a tourist destination par excellence for those seeking relaxation, calm, and adventure in the heart of the green mountains.
  • Museum of Kotoma, the Punic necropolises, the islet of El-Aouna
  • Fishing and scuba diving, etc.
  • Tasting of local specialties such as Seksou

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