Car rental Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport

On your arrival in Algeria, often tired of the trip and a possible delay, it is complicated to make the right choice of a car rental agency on site at Oran Ahmed Ben Bella airport.

This is why it would be wiser to decide on the right service provider in advance to take advantage of the most competitive prices and above all to avoid unpleasant surprises and scams.

Its good ? have you booked your rental car? you can now quietly join your family or your hotel in Mostaganem, Tlemcen, Mascara, Ain-Témouchent, Tiaret, Béchar, Saida, Relizane, Chlef or Sidi Bel Abbes.

The City of Oran

Oran, the city that charms you with the magnificence of its historical remains and monuments that make it a magical place. The splendor of the city dates back to history, made up of the mixing of several civilizations through the ages.

Oran is distinguished by its nature, its temperate climate as well as its sunny and clear skies. The adorable historical monuments make it a favorite destination for visitors. Many sites are to be explored around Oran, such as the seaside resort of Ain El Türk, Arsew and its saltworks.

If you would like to visit Oran to rediscover your childhood memories, old school or house, old friends, choose the option of renting a vehicle in Oran in order to experience these intense moments at your own pace.

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Your unforgettable stay in Oran in a cheap rental car just for its rich panoramic views, both historic and exotic. The city of Oran presents one of the best destinations in Algeria. You need to book your car rental in Oran at Safar El Amir to take advantage of Algeria's exceptional historical and cultural heritage. By being provided with a rental car, it would be easy for you to visit the most famous sites of the city such as:

  • The seafront: the famous artery of the city of Oran running along the historic city center from east to west, from the Zabana roundabout to the wall of the fortress of the Palais du Bey.
  • Ahmed Zabana National Museum: located in the district of Haï Sidi El Bachir in Oran in the city center, open to the public since 1935.
  • The Pasha Mosque: Oran mosque built towards the end of the 18th century, under the power of Bey Med El-Kébir.
  • The Great Synagogue: built and consecrated in 1880 at the initiative of Simon Kanoui, but its inauguration only took place in 1918.
  • Canastel Forest: forest park at the top of a cliff with panoramic views of the surroundings and the bay, ideal place for picnics or hiking.

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Oran airport car rental with Safar El Amir

At Safar El Amir, our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to providing the best rental cars with quality services combining the high range and the reasonable price that suits all your requirements.

A car rental at Oran airport, exclusively with Safar El Amir, allows you to benefit from the best services at affordable prices. Safar El Amir offers you a wide choice of new and well-maintained rental cars at affordable prices. You can also book supplements of your choice.

Look no further. With Safar El Amir you always find an offer that meets your needs...

Cheap car rental at Ahmed Ben Bella airport

Coming from France by plane with your family, often with a lot of luggage, it is better for you to choose the model of vehicle that best meets your needs, such as a minivan or a van or a 4x4. Small city cars like the Clio, Picanto, or the 208 are small cars that are not recommended for long trips with large families.

Our Oran car rental agency, Safar El Amir, is delighted to be waiting for you at Oran Ahmed ben Bella airport. Simply make your request and confirm it, then our agents will be waiting for you at the airport to deliver your rental vehicle.

Our agency guarantees you a new and recent vehicle, at attractive rates, to make your trip to Oran a success. We offer you attractive formulas allowing you to benefit from:

  • A deposit of a cheap bond,
  • an optional GPS
  • A baby seat, Isofix, or booster seat for your child
  • Rent a car with or without a driver

Are you arriving in Oran and need a car rental with a driver? Safar El Amir is the best address to serve you. Whether you are a company, an administration, an embassy, or an individual, we provide you with professional and qualified drivers who know the Algerian territory perfectly.

From the Peugeot 508 Sedan to the Audi A4, our range of luxury vehicles is at your disposal. Opt for quality service with Safar Al Amir for all your car rentals with or without a driver in Oran.

What Safar El Amir offers you

  • Possibility to book extras: GPS, baby seats, booster seat, isofix
  • A fleet of new and well-maintained vehicles
  • Guarantee of quality service
  • Possibility to define a second driver
  • Reliable customer service in your language